My Stuff Bag


Our newest bag that attaches almost anywhere on the your Stand Up ride.



The “My Stuff Bag” is our newest bag in the Stand Up and Ride line-up and is perfect for so many things.  It is cylinder in shape and includes a removable buckle strap and 3 pairs of velcro fasteners, so you can attach them almost anywhere on the your Stand Up ride. The draw string top closure will keep everything safe inside of the insulated cylindrical storage.  You can store a reserve water bottle and it will keep it cold for a large part of your ride. You can store your phone, wallet and nutrition as well but you will need two if you want both the insulation and the security.  it has an adjustable hand strap so you can remove it from the ride and carry it with you when you stop for the day or for lunch.  This is most versatile bag we offer and so far the reviews have been great.